Moving content from the staging area to production

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When content is ready to be moved from the staging space into a product version space for an existing major/minor version, there are two options that can be selected to accomplish this, which are explained in the sections below.

You should not follow this process for Product Advisories.  Instead, refer to the document entitled Publishing product advisories for instructions.

Move the content using the Bulk Content Manage tool

A built-in tool exists in the RSA Link platform that allows for multiple documents to be moved from one space to another at one time.  This tool is known as the Bulk Manage Content tool and can be accessed in three different ways:

  • Append /bulkmanage to the staging space URL.

  • Click on the green Migrate Content button underneath the search bar.

  • Click on the Manage icon (  ) on the staging space and then click on the Bulk manage content option at the bottom of the drop down menu.

  • Click on the Migrate Content link underneath the ADMINISTRATION section on the right column of the staging space.

Before proceeding with moving content, be sure to log in with an RSA Product Team account rather than moving content with your own user.

After entering the Bulk Manage Content interface, check boxes will appear next to each document and curation options will become present.


To move the content, follow the steps below.

  1. Check the boxes for each of the documents that must be moved.  (A maximum of 20 items can be selected at one time.)

  2. Right-click on each of the items and open them in a new tab so that you can verify that they were properly moved after the process is complete.

  3. Click on the Move (  ) button and then click the Continue button when prompted.

  4. Type in the name of the space where the content should be sent and select it from the pop-up list.

  5. Click on the Continue button when prompted.

  6. Verify that the moves were successful and then click on the Close button.

  7. Go to the documents in the other tab that were opened during Step 2 and refresh the page to ensure that they now reside in the proper space.

  8. Confirm that the migrated documents are showing up in their proper widgets on the destination space.

    If a document does not display in its widget, it is likely that a mandatory tag was missed.  Refer to the Publishing Best Practices to confirm.
  9. Repeat the steps above for any other content that needs to be moved.



If there is a significant amount of content to move from the staging area, it may be more efficient to engage the RSA Link Team for assistance, as they have access to a restricted curation tool that allows up to 100 documents to be moved at one time.


The following rules apply when engaging the RSA Link Team for this task:

  • The request should be submitted a minimum of 5 business days before the content must be moved.
  • An email must be sent to with the following information:
    • Description of the product release
    • Amount of content that must be moved from the staging space
    • Date and approximate time for when the content should be moved
  • The attached spreadsheet should be filled out and attached to the email to with the request.