000033467 - How to set Record and Field Permissions utilizing Data Driven Events (DDE) in RSA Archer 5.x

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Article Number000033467
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.x
IssueThis document goes over using an Apply Conditional Layout (ACL) to apply Record Permissions that allow some fields to be editable by allowed users/groups when certain criteria are met.
TasksThe goal is to have a condition where a certain user/group has different permissions to prevent editing of certain fields within a record without inhibiting others from doing so.
ResolutionField Permissions via Record Permission fields and DDEs (Data Driven Events)
  1. While logged in as an administrator, access the Administration section within the Navigation menu and click on Application Builder.
  2. Next, click on Manage Applications and select the target application you want to adjust your permissions.
  3. In this scenario, we will use the _Test Application application. When you select your target application, click on the Events Tab.
    1. Click |Add New| to add a new rule.
  4. In this example, our DDE rule will state, if my text field contains the letter “a” perform the linked action.
    1. Now lets set our linked action.
  5. Scroll down and click |Add New| under linked actions.
    1. Here we are going to create an ACL (Applied Conditional Layout)
  6. Within our ACL, we will see the layout of our fields within our application.
    1. Here we can click the ▼ next to each field to display the properties we want the field to have when our criteria of our DDE is met.
    2. For this scenario, I will click the ▼ next to Test Numeric Field and select read only to have the field be read only whenever the Test Training Field contains the letter “a”.
  7. The next section is Qualified Users/Groups.
    1. Select the users/groups you want this applied to.

  1. Once your ACL is created, make sure to go back to the Linked Actions Section within your DDE and select that action to be applied to your DDE.
    1. In this scenario, my non-admin user will not be able to edit the numeric field if the Test Training field contains the letter “a”

    1. As you can see, the numeric field is not editable since the Text field contains A.
    2. Now we will remove the condition to allow the field to be editable.

    1. Now that the criteria isn’t met, the field is not editable.
NOTE: This is just an example of how DDEs and ACLs can be used to adjust field permissions within a record.
The Record Permissions Field, once created, will be available in all existing records. HOWEVER, USERS OR GROUPS WILL HAVE TO BE ASSIGNED TO THE RP FIELD TO SEE THE RECORDS ONCE THE RP FIELD IS CREATED/APPLIED.