Test Integrated Windows Authentication

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After you configure the RSA SecurID Access SSO Agent to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), RSA recommends that you perform a test authentication to verify that it works properly.


Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin in the Cloud Administration Console.
  • The RSA SecurID Access IWA Connector must be installed and configured on a Windows server in your RSA SecurID Access environment.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication must be configured as an identity provider for RSA SecurID Access.


  1. Sign into a Windows account on a computer within your corporate network domain.
    The IP address of the computer you use to test IWA must fall within the IP range specified for the IWA identity provider.
  2. Open the application portal in a web browser.
  3. In the Or sign in with... section of the portal sign-in screen, click the IWA icon.


The SSO Agent authenticates you to the application portal using IWA.

After you finish

If authentication succeeds, you can Enable Automatic Integrated Windows Authentication to authenticate eligible users automatically, allowing them to bypass the portal sign-in screen.

If authentication fails:

  • Verify that the RSA SecurID Access IWA Connector server is properly configured.
  • Verify that the IWA identity provider is properly configured.
  • Verify that the configuration changes are published to the identity router.
  • Verify network connectivity.
  • Test IWA again with new settings.




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