Update Identity Router Software for a Cluster

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You manage updates separately for each cluster in your deployment. You can update each cluster immediately, or schedule automatic updates to occur at dates and times that you specify. You can schedule all clusters to update simultaneously, or stagger the updates over a period of time.

During an update, each identity router in the cluster installs the new software in rapid succession. Each identity router continues to authenticate users while waiting to install the update, but does not perform authentication while installation is in progress. If a cluster contains only one identity router, user authentication through that cluster is disrupted while the update is installed. Individual identity routers typically take between 10 and 30 minutes to update. The cluster update process assumes updates that take longer than 40 minutes have failed.

If the first identity router does not update successfully, the cluster update is aborted, and all other identity routers continue to perform authentication using the outdated software version. If the first identity router update succeeds, but a subsequent identity router update is unsuccessful, the cluster update proceeds until all remaining identity routers have either updated or failed.

When updated identity router software is released, RSA announces the update on RSA Link, and schedules a date and time when each cluster in your deployment will automatically install the latest update. You must apply these updates to ensure compatibility with new RSA SecurID Access features and improvements. You can modify the update schedule using the following procedure.

Note:  RSA schedules blackout periods during which you are not permitted to schedule or perform updates.


Before you begin 

  • Check RSA Link Service Notifications for announcements regarding maintenance downtime for the Cloud Authentication Service. Do not schedule updates during these periods.
  • Verify that all settings in the Cloud Administration Console are configured properly, and that all pending configuration changes are published.
  • Note:   Unexpected results can occur if Cloud Administration Console settings are not configured properly prior to the update.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Platform > Clusters.
  2. Next to the cluster you want to update, click the drop-down arrow, and select Update.
  3. In the Start Time section, do one of the following:
    1. To schedule the update to occur at a predetermined date and time, select Later, and specify a date according to the recommended update schedule on RSA Link.
    2. To apply the update immediately, select Now.
  4. Depending on your selection, click Save, or click Update Now and confirm the immediate update in the dialog box that appears.


Depending on your selection, the identity routers in the cluster automatically install the latest software version either immediately, or at the specified date and time. For immediate updates, a notification appears when the update begins.

The Identity Routers page of the Cloud Administration Console displays DISTRESSED status for identity routers while they are updating.

Note:  Do not reboot identity routers while an update is in progress.



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