000033604 - How to delete records using an RSA Archer Web Services Transporter data feed and report

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Article Number000033604
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Archer
IssueThis article explains how to delete records using an Archer Web Services Transporter data feed and report.
  1. Create a report.
  2. Create a data feed.
  3. Inactivate the data feed after running, unless it needs to run on a schedule.
ResolutionTo resolve this issue,
  1. Create a report containing records that you DO NOT want to delete.  For example, just return a Tracking ID field.
  2. Take note of the Report Id so it can be used in the data feed.
  3. Create a data feed with the following key settings, but you may have to tweak others for special environments.
  4. Navigate to the Transport tab:
    1. From the Transport section, under Transport Method, select the Archer Web Services Transporter
    2. From the Security section, under Url: enter the Base Url for Archer.
    3. From the Transport Configuration section:
      1. Search Type and select the Report ID option.
      2. Under Report, enter the Report ID.
      3. Under User name, enter an Archer user account.  Note that this account should be dedicated for this data feed only.
      4. Under Password, enter the Archer user account password
      5. For Instance, enter the Instance Name as shown in the Archer Control Panel (ACP).  Note that this name is case sensitive.
  5. From the Navigation tab XML File Definition section:
    1. Enable the Transform option.
    2. Click the Load Transform link.
    3. Select the Default option.
    4. Click OK.
  6. From the Source Definition tab Source Data sub tab in the Source Fields section:
    1. Click the Load Fields link.
    2. Select the Execute Search option.
    3. Click OK.
  7. From the Data Map tab:
    1. From Field Map sub tab, map the Tracking ID or key field.
    2. From Key Field Definitions sub tab, set the Key Field Name to the Tracking Id or key field.
    3. From Update / Archive sub tab:
      1. Update Options: Only enable the Update option.  NOTE: If the Update option is not enabled, all records will be deleted in module.
      2. Archive Options: Select the Delete option.  NOTE: The Delete option deletes records that do not meet the report's criteria.
  8. Do not forget to inactivate the Data Feed after records have been deleted, unless you want to run it on a schedule.

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