MapR: Add and Remove a Virtual IP Address (MapR UI)

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This topic provides instructions on how to add a virtual IP address in the Warehouse cluster using the MapR Control System.  This procedure is optional and used when you want to add a virtual IP address (VIP) in the Warehouse cluster.


Follow the instructions in Access MapR Control System UI for Cluster Administration before completing this procedure. 


  1. Log on to the MapR Control System.

  2. In the Navigation panel, select NFS HA > NFS Setup.
    The NFS Setup tab is displayed. The NFS Setup tab enables you to edit, remove or add VIPs in the Warehouse cluster.
  3. On the NFS Setup tab, click the Add VIP button.

    The Add Virtual IP dialog is displayed.

  4. In the Add Virtual IP dialog, do the following:
    1. In the Starting VIP field, type the starting IP Address for VIP.
    2. In the Ending VIP field, type the ending IP Address for VIP. If this field is left blank, only one IP address is used for VIP allocation.
    3. In the Netmask field, type the Netmask for the deployment.
    4. Select Select Desired Network Interfaces to choose the available Network Interfaces that need to be used for VIP assignment. Select all of the external Interfaces from the list of available nodes by clicking the plus button next to the interface entry. Selected Interfaces will appear in the bottom list. 
    5. Click OK to add the VIP. 
      The newly added VIP appears in the list on the NFS Setup tab.

Note: VIP allocation can also be removed or edited from the NFS HA > NFS Setup tab by selecting a VIP and clicking the Edit or Remove button.

  1. In the Navigation panel, select NFS HA > VIP Assignment to view the node that is assigned to the newly added VIP.
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