MapR: Stop the Hbase Services Using the MapR Control System

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This topic provides the steps to stop the Hbase services using the MapR Control System. If you are not using Vulnerability Response Management (VRM), stop the Hbase services to return the configured memory so that it is available for use elsewhere in the cluster. 


  1. Log on to the MapR Control System user interface following the instructions in Access MapR Control System UI for Cluster Administration.
  2. To stop the HBase Master services, in the Services section of the dashboard, click the number in the Actv column for the HBase Master service. This is the number of active services for the HBase Master service.
  3. On the Cluster Nodes tab, click Manage Services.

    The Manage Node Services dialog is displayed.
  4. In the HBase Master field, select Stop.
  5. Click Change <number_of_nodes> Nodes.
    Where <number_of_nodes> is the number of active nodes selected.
    For example, click Change 3 Nodes.
    The Hbase Master service on the selected nodes should be in a stopped state.
  6. To stop the Hbase RegionServer services, repeat steps 2 to 5 for the Hbase RegionServer services.
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