MapR: RSA Analytics Warehouse Overview

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This guide provides an overview of RSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR) and detailed instructions on how to configure the Warehouse appliance in your network. This guide provides the configuration procedures only for RSA Analytics Warehouse instances running MapR.

RSA Analytics Warehouse provides the capacity to process large amounts of current and longer term data through a Hadoop-based distributed computing system that collects, manages, and enables advanced analytics and reporting on Security Analytics data. RSA Analytics Warehouse requires a service called Warehouse Connector to collect metadata and events from Decoder and Log Decoder and write them in Avro format into a Hadoop-based distributed computing system. For more information on the Warehouse Connector, see the Warehouse Connector Overview topic in the Warehouse Connector Configuration Guide.

The Warehouse can be made up of three or more nodes depending on the organization's analytic, archiving, and resiliency requirements. 

The following diagram depicts the architecture of a Security Analytics network that implements the RSA Analytics Warehouse component.


This guide provides the configuration procedures only for RSA Analytics Warehouse instances running MapR.

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