Deployment: Group Aggregation Parameters

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To set up Group Aggregation you need to understand a few parameters that you need to provide for each Archiver or Concentrator.

Group Aggregation Parameters

The following table provides descriptions of the Group Aggregation parameters.

Group NameIt determines the group to with the Archiver or Concentrator belongs.
You can add any number of groups aggregating data from a Log Decoder. The Group Name parameter is used by the Log Decoder to identify which Archiver or Concentrator services are working together. All Archiver or Concentrators services in the group should have the same group name.
SizeIt determines the number of Archiver or Concentrator services in the aggregation group.
Member NumberIt determines the position of the Archiver or Concentrator in the aggregation group. For a group of size N, member number from 0 to N-1 must be set on each of the Archiver or Concentrators services in the aggregation group.
For example: If the size of the aggregation group is 2, the member number of one of the Archiver or Concentrator service should be set to 0 and the member number of the other Archiver or Concentrator should be set to 1.
Membership Mode

There are two membership modes: New and Replace.
New: Adding a new Archiver or Concentrator service as a member to the existing aggregation group or creating an aggregation group. The Archiver or Concentrator service does not aggregate any existing sessions from the service as other members of the group would have already aggregated all the sessions on the service. This Archiver or Concentrator service will only aggregate new sessions as they appear on the service.
Replace: Replacing an existing aggregation group member. The Archiver or Concentrator will begin aggregation from the oldest session available on the service it is aggregating from.

Note: This parameter has an effect only when no sessions have been aggregated from the service. After some sessions are aggregated, this parameter has no effect.

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