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The ability to customize dashboards to changing circumstances and conditions could result in a large number of dashboards that are not needed on a daily basis. Rather than reinvent the wheel each time you want to recreate a particular custom dashboard, you can export your dashboards that are not currently in use.When you are ready to use a previously exported dashboard, import the dashboard into Security Analytics.

Import a Dashboard

Note: You must import the Reporter Realtime Charts dashboard and its related charts into the same instance of the Security Analytics server and Reporting Engine from which it was exported. You must ensure that the data sources configured for the Reporting Engine are the same as on the Security Analytics instance from which it was exported. If you import the dashboard and related charts into another instance of Security Analytics server, you must ensure the data source name is updated in the charts.

Note: When you import the dashboard from a previous version to 10.3, you must do the following after you complete the upgrade:
-    Enable the chart again by editing and saving them. Refer to Edit a Chart.
-    Remove the Reporter Realtime Chart dashlets that you added prior to the 10.3 version and add them again on the dashboard.

To import a dashboard:

  1. In the dashboard toolbar, select Import Dashboard from the Actions drop-down menu (Actions menu cropped).
  2. Browse to the dashboard file in the Import Dashboard dialog. Only .cfg files are supported.
  3. Click Import Dashboard.
    The dashboard is displayed in Security Analytics

Export a Dashboard

Exported dashboards are designed to work within the same Security Analytics instance. It is also possible to share your custom dashboards with other users in your organization, provided that they have equivalent permissions.

To export a dashboard, you must have the dashboard open to access the Export Dashboard option under the Edit drop-down menu in the dashboard toolbar.

Note: When you export the Reporter Realtime Charts dashboard, you must also export the charts used in the Report Realtime Chart dashlets as they are not exported by default. When you import the dashboard, you must manually import the dependent charts used in the Reporter Realtime Chart dashlets.

To export a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to export. All existing dashboards appear in the drop-down Dashboard Selection List in the currently displayed dashboard.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down menu (Actions menu cropped) in the dashboard toolbar, then select Export Dashboard.
  3. A warning appears at the bottom of your screen that downloaded files can harm your computer. If this is the dashboard you wish to export, click Keep.
  4. Save the exported file in the .cfg format.
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