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To customize the views in Security Analytics, you can change the layout of the Security Analytics dashboard or a custom dashboard. The Change a Layout dialog provides a way to change the dashboard layout.

To access this dialog, in the dashboard toolbar, click the Edit drop-down menu (Edit icon) and select Change Dashboard Layout.


The following table describes the features of the Change Dashboard Layout dialog.

Feature Description
Layout Select the type of layout. There are 5 different available layouts:
  • 3 columns of even width
  • 2 columns of even width
  • 2 columns, the first column taking two-thirds of the space
  • 2 columns, the first column taking one-third of the space
  • 1 column spanning the entire view
Cancel If you decide that you do not want to change the dashboard layout, click Cancel.
Change To change the dashboard layout, click Change.

To change a dashboard layout:

  1. Navigate to any dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard toolbar, click the Edit drop-down menu (Edit icon) and select Change Dashboard Layout.
    The Change Dashboard Layout dialog box is displayed.
  3. Choose an appropriate layout for the dashboard and click Change.
    The dashboard layout is changed to the selected layout
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