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To tailor Security Analytics to better serve your site and methods, you can create custom dashboards. Some reasons for creating custom dashboards are:

Create a Custom Dashboard

  • Consolidate related functionality on a single dashboard.
  • Create a Unified dashboard with a collection of dashlets for all modules.
  • Create a dashboard to consolidate dashlets for different network locations.
  • Create an overview of a given module's capabilities.
  • Consolidate dashlets that apply to a specific scenario


The following table describes the features of the Create a Dashboard dialog.

Dashboard TitleType the title for the new dashboard. You can type letters, numbers, special characters, and spaces for the name. The permitted length of the name is 255 characters.
LayoutSelect the layout for the new dashboard from the following options:
  • 3 columns of equal width
  • 2 columns of equal width
  • 2 columns, the first using two-thirds of the space
  • 2 columns, the first using one-third of the space
  • 1 column, spanning the entire width of the panel
CancelIf you decide that you do not want to create this dashboard, click Cancel.
CreateTo create the new dashboard, click Create.

To create a dashboard:

  1. In the Security Analytics dashboard, select ic-addList.PNG > Create New Dashboard.
    The Create a Dashboard dialog is displayed.
  2. Specify the name for the new dashboard.
  3. Select a Layout option for the new dashboard.
    The dashboard is created and added to the Dashboard selection list.

Now, that you have created a dashboard, you can:

Select a Dashboard

To switch between dashboards in a Security Analytics module:

  1. Click on the Dashboard Selection List.
    The Dashboard Selection List is displayed.
  2. Select the dashboard that you want to view.
    The dashboard is displayed.

Rename a Dashboard

To rename a dashboard:

  1. In the dashboard toolbar, select Edit icon > Rename Dashboard.
    The Rename Dashboard dialog is displayed.
    Rename Dashboard dialog
  2. In the New Dashboard Title field, enter a new title for the dashboard.
  3. Click Rename.
    The dashboard is updated with the new title.

Remove a Custom Dashboard

If you find that the Dashboard Selection List in Security Analytics includes custom dashboards that are no longer needed, you can remove the unused dashboards. The dashboard to be removed must be displayed. The default dashboard cannot be removed.

Note: If you want the dashboard to be available at some future time, see Import and Export Dashboards.

To remove a custom dashboard:

  1. In the Dashboard Selection List, select the unused dashboard; for example, Region 3.
    The dashboard is displayed.
  2. In the dashboard toolbar, select Delete icon.
    The Remove Dashboard dialog is displayed.
  3. To confirm deletion of the dashboard, click Yes.
    The dashboard is removed from the Dashboard Selection List.

Restore the Default Dashboard

After customizing the default Security Analytics dashboard, you can revert to the original layout of dashlets using the Restore Default Dashboard option in the Actions drop-down (Actions menu cropped). To accomplish this reversion, the dashboard of a module must be displayed.

To restore the default dashboard in a Security Analytics module:

  1. Navigate to the Security Analytics dashboard which has been customized.
  2. In dashboard toolbar, click the Actions drop-down (Actions menu cropped) and select Restore Default Dashboard.
    The original layout of the default dashboard is restored.
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