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Security Analytics services are automatically discovered in RSA Security Analytics. You can manually add a service using the Add Service dialog to make services available to Security Analytics modules. 

To access the Add Service dialog, navigate to the Administration Services view, and select Add (104ApplAdd.png) in the Services panel toolbar.


You can use the Edit Service dialog to modify services. The Edit Service dialog is similar to the Add Service dialog. To access the Edit Service dialog, navigate to the Administration Services view, and select Edit (104ApplAdd.png) in the Services panel toolbar. 


Procedures related to services are described in Step 2: Add a Service to a Host, Step 4: Manage Access to a Service, and Additional Service Procedures.


This table describes the features of the Add Service or Edit Service dialogs.

Field or OptionDescription
ServiceDisplays the service type. You can add the following services: Archiver, Broker, Concentrator, Decoder, Event Stream Analysis, Incident Management, IPDB Extractor, Log Collector, Log Decoder, Malware Analysis, Reporting Engine, Warehouse Connector, and Workbench.
HostSpecifies the host on which the service resides.
NameSpecifies the name used to identify the service; for example, HQ Broker or Broker- An understandable naming convention can make administrative tasks easier. Some administrators find it convenient to use the hostname or IP address (specified in the Host field) for the Name as well.
PortSpecifies the port used to communicate with this service. The default port based on the selected service type in the Service field is autofilled here. If you select SSL below, this port becomes an SSL port. If you do not select SSL, it becomes a non-SSL port. You can customize this port by opening a firewall for the port that you add. For information on ports, see Network Architecture and Ports in the Deployment Guide.
SSLIndicates that Security Analytics uses SSL for communications with this service.
UsernameSpecifies the user name used to log in to this service. The default username is admin
PasswordSpecifies the password used to log in to this service. The default password is netwitness.
Entitle Service(Optional) Assigns licenses from the local license server (LLS) to selected services. For more information, see Activate and Deactivate a Service Entitlement in the Licensing Guide.
Test ConnectionClicking this button tests the connection of a service that you are adding.
SaveClicking this button saves the new service.
CancelClicking this button closes the Add Service or Edit Service dialog. If you do not save the service before closing the dialog, the service is not added or edited.
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