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This topic introduces the host updates feature in the Hosts updates menu that relies on the local Security Analytics YUM updates repository.

RSA provides the management of host updates using a local Security Analytics update repository that can automatically synchronize with the RSA update server to get Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) files that apply to connected hosts. In the Hosts updates menu you can:

  • Check selected hosts for available updates.
  • Update selected hosts with RPM files in the local Security Analytics repository.

The Updates column in the Hosts panel enables you to perform a custom update for a host. After checking for updates, if updates are available:

  • Prior to 10.5.1, the status in the Updates column changes to Update (<Number of RPMs available for updates>).  When you click this status, the Updates dialog shows the available RPMs that you can select to install. The number of RPMs available for updates decreases in the status column as you install the RPMs. The updates may not require a reboot, but the services require a restart. If you select all of the updates and the updates are successful, the host requires a reboot and the status changes to Reboot Required. The following figure shows example statuses in the Updates column in the Hosts panel for updates earlier than 10.5.1.
  • For 10.5.1 and later, the status in the Updates column changes to Update.  The following figure shows example statuses in the Updates column in the Hosts panel For updates earlier than 10.5.1.

The Update option in the Hosts panel toolbar installs all of the available updates on the selected host. 

For detailed update procedures, see Manage Security Analytics Updates.

To access host updates:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Hosts.
  2. Select a host.
  3. In the toolbar, click  104ApplUpdate.png.
    The Hosts updates menu is displayed.


This table describes the options in the Hosts updates menu. 

UpdateApplies all available RPM updates in the Security Analytics YUM updates repository to the selected hosts. 
Check UpdatesChecks the current version of the selected hosts against RPMs available in the Security Analytics YUM updates repository and displays the status in the Updates column in the Hosts panel. For updates:
  • Prior to 10.5.1, if an Update (<Number of RPMs available for updates>) status appears in the Updates column, you can click this status and selectively install the updates. See (For Updates Earlier than 10.5.1) Check and Apply Updates for detailed steps on checking and applying updates.
  • 10.5.1 and later, if an Update status appears click on it and follow the instructions in (For 10.5.1 and Later Updates) Check and Apply Updates
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