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In the Metered Licenses tab, you can monitor and update the current status of your metered licenses. 

To access this tab:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > System.
  2. In the left panel, select Licensing.
  3. Select the Metered Licenses tab.



The Metered Licenses tab has one grid and an Export Usage Stats button.

Licensed Services Grid

The following table describes the features of the Licensed Services grid.

StatusThe status of the license. There are four statuses:
  • Expired License
  • Over Usage Limit
  • Near Usage Limit
  • Within Usage Limit
Service/HostThe host and type of service to which the license is assigned.
License TypeThe type of license assigned to the service/host. There are three types:
  • Trial
  • Duration
  • Permanent
VersionThe version number of the service.
Actual UsageDisplays the daily average of the actual usage.
Entitled UsageDisplays the daily average of the entitled usage.
Maintenance DateDisplays the maintenance expiration date for the permanent license.
Expiration DateThe date on which the license expires.
  • Export Usage Stats
  • Move to Service-based License
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