Investigation: Scan For Malware Dialog

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In the Scan for Malware dialog, Malware Analysis analysts can upload files to investigate in Malware Analysis.

To access this dialog:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Investigation > Malware Analysis.
    The Select a Malware Analysis Service dialog is displayed.
  2. Select a service in the left panel, then click 104ScanFiles.png in the right panel.
    The Scan for Malware dialog is displayed.


Related procedures are available in Conduct Malware Analysis.


The following table describes the features available in the Scan for Malware dialog.

Add iconUploads a file from your computer.
Delete iconDeletes a file from the list.
File NameDisplays the names of the files added to the list.
NameAllows you to name the scan job.
CommunityDisplays options for Community to:
  • Bypass Executable
  • Bypass Office
  • Bypass PDF
SandboxDisplays options for Sandbox to:
  • Bypass Executable
  • Bypass Office
  • Bypass PDF
CancelCloses the dialog without performing any actions.
ScanScans the uploaded files.
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