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This topic provides information about possible issues you may encounter while using the IPDB Extractor.

Possible Issues

This table lists possible issues with the IPDB Extractor service along with possible causes and solutions.

ProblemPossible CausesSolutions
In a Linux environment, when IPDB Extractor is installed on a Virtual Machine, it fails to load and you are not able to view the meta to define an IPDB rule.

<dyou at="" can="" in="" log="" look="" the="">/var/log/messages file where the following message is displayed: Unable to allocate any memory in MemPages constructor. </dyou>
The IPDB Extractor service may not be able to allocate sufficient memory to the parser.To change the pool settings:
  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration Services > IPDB Extractor > View > Explore.
  2. Change the value of /ipdbextractor/config/pool. packet.pagesto a value lower than the existing configuration.
  3. Change the value of /ipdbextractor/config/pool.session.pagesto a value lower than the existing configuration.
  4. Restart the  IPDBExtractor Service.

Recommended Values

Virtual Machine Memory SizePacket pagesSession pages

Note: The above values are suggestions only. If the problem exists even after changing the configuration values, consider decreasing the values further.

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