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The Manage Logos tab in the Services Config view helps manage the logos associated with the Reporting Engine. The Manage Logos tab consists of a single panel with a toolbar and a grid that lists the logos. 

You can upload the logos that you can use in the report. After you upload the logo, you can set any logo as a default logo which will be automatically used in all scheduled reports. You can choose to override the default logo with any other logo listed in this tab when you schedule a report. For more information, see Select a Logo in the Reporting Guide. 

The supported image formats are:

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif  

Note: The logo to be uploaded should not exceed 500 KB. 

The required permission to access this view is Manage Services.

To access this view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Dashboard > Administration > Services.
  2. In the Services Grid, select a Reporting Engine service.
  3. Select settings.png > View > Config.
  4. Select the Manage Logos tab.
    The Services Config View is displayed with the Reporting Engine Manage Logos tab open.



You can perform the following actions on the Manage Logos Tab.

add_button.pngAdd new logos from the local directory of the system to the Reporting Engine.

Note: The logo size cannot exceed 500 KB.
The logos chosen must be of the following file types:
* .jpg
* .gif
* .png

del_report.pngRemoves logos from the Reporting Engine.

Note: By performing (Ctrl+click), you can select multiple logos to delete.

setAsDfltSrce.PNGSets the default logo for a Reporting Engine. This is the logo Security Analytics defaults to in the Logo panel of the Schedule a Report view.

Note: If no default logo is selected, the RSA logo is displayed.

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