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You can view and manage charts from the View a Chart panel.


The View a Chart panel has the following panels.

  • Charts Toolbar
  • Charts Output
  • Charts Calendar
  • Charts Options
  • Charts Executed List

The following figure is an example.


Charts Toolbar

The Charts toolbar has options that allow you to navigate, investigate, and view the chart on another screen.


The following table lists the options in the Charts toolbar.

investigation_icon.png InvestigateInvestigates the chart details.
openInNew.png Full ScreenDisplays the chart on a full screen.

Charts Output Panel

The Charts Output panel displays the chart with the sortBy on the Y-axis, time on the X-axis and legends.

Note: You can save the chart as PDF using the 104_save_as_PDF.png icon. 


Charts Calendar Panel

The Charts Calendar panel displays the list of charts based on the date you select from the Calendar, as shown in the following figure.


Charts Options Panel

The Charts Options panel displays the time range, series, and chart type fields to configure the chart display, as shown in the following figure.


The following table lists the fields in the Charts Options panel.

FromThe start date and time.
ToThe end date and time.
SeriesThe series field provides the user with two options:
  • Time series: Renders the chart for the entire time range selected.
  • Summary: Renders the summary of data for the selected date range.
Chart TypeThe type of chart to be rendered either area, bar, line, or column.

Charts Executed List Panel

The Charts Executed List panel displays all the executions for a particular chart for the selected date. Double-clicking on any chart execution loads the chart on the Charts Output panel. By default, the latest executed chart is displayed in the Charts Output panel, as shown in the figure below.


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