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In the Report view, you can create and organize report groups.


The Report view includes the following sections:

  • Report Groups panel
  • Report toolbar
  • Report List panel

The following figure shows the different panels on the Report view.


Report Groups Panel

The Report Groups panel allows you to organize reports in a group. You can create a report group, add reports to the group, and move reports among groups. You can view all reports by selecting All option under the Groups column. Associated procedures are provided under Define Report Groups and Reports and Set Access Control for a Report Group

You can perform the following actions using this panel:

  • Refresh a group or report list.
  • Add a report group.
  • Delete a report group.
  • Import a reports and report group.
  • Export a report group.
  • Set access permissions for a report group.

Report Toolbar 

The Report toolbar allows you to add, modify, delete, duplicate, import and export reports. You can also set access permissions for a report in a group. Associated procedures are provided under Define Report Groups and Reports.


The toolbar has the following options:

  • Add a report.
  • Edit a report.
  • Delete a report.
  • Duplicate a report.
  • Import a report.
  • Export a report.
  • Set access permissions for a report.
  • Schedule a report.
  • View scheduled reports.

Report List Panel

The Report List panel lists all the reports in a tabular format. The following table describes the columns in the Report List panel.

Column   Description
Name    The name of the report.
Group    The Report Group to which the report belongs.
Date Modified The date and time when the report was modified.
#Schedules The count indicates the number of schedules created for a report.
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