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In the Build Report view, you can create a report, add text and rules, and schedule a report. Associated procedures are provided under Add a Report and Schedule a Report


The Build Report view consists of the following panels:

  • Report
  • Text
  • Rules

The following figure shows the different panels on the Build Report view.


Report Panel

The Report panel allows you to create a report by assigning a name to the report. The content in a report depends on the items selected from the Text and Rules panels.


When you add rules to a report, you can change the output format of these rules either to tabular, area, line or pie by clicking the  button.

Text Panel

The Text panel consists of a list of text elements that add to the look and feel of the report. You can use these text elements to format the report.

  • To add more structure to reports, you can use these headers defined in the Text panel to indent up to four levels. This allows you to identify specific sections in a report that can be included in the Table of Contents for easy navigation in the report result.
  • To add headers to the Report panel, drag and drop H1, H2, H3, or H4 onto the Report pane based on the desired level of indentation.

The following table lists the text elements used to format a report:

Text ElementsDescription
Header 1   H1.pngThe Header 1 element adds a first-level heading to the report definition.
Header 2  H2.pngThe Header 2 element adds a second-level heading to the report definition.
Header 3 H3.pngThe Header 3 element adds a third-level heading to the report definition.
Header 4 H4.pngThe Header 4 element adds a fourth-level heading to the report definition.
Table of Contents TOC.pngThe Table of Contents adds table of contents to the report definition.
Body Text body-text.pngThe Body Text element adds body text to the report definition.
Comment comment.pngThe Comment element adds comments to the report definition.

Note: The Comment element is not displayed when you view all the reports.

Rules Panel

The Rules panel consists of a list of rules that are defined in the Rules panel. From the rules list, you can drag and drop rules onto the Report panel to associate those rules with the report.

You can search for a specific rule using search text box provided in the Rules panel.


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