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This topic introduces the features of the System Information panel.

The Info panel of the System view displays information about the system version and license status. You can also check for new versions of Security Analytics and apply the new version when it becomes available. Manage Security Analytics Updates provides detailed procedures.

The required role to access this view is Manage System Settings.

To access this view, do one of the following:

  • In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > System.
  • From the Administration module, click System in the Security Analytics toolbar. 
    The System Information panel is displayed by default.
  • When you receive a notification that a new version of Security Analytics is available in the Notifications tray, click View.


The Version Information section displays version information about the version of Security Analytics that is currently installed.

The following table describes the features of the Version Information section.

Current VersionDisplays the version of Security Analytics that is currently running. The format of the version is<major>.<minor>.<stabilityId>.<buildNumber> Possible values for the <stabilityId> are:
  • 1 - Development
  • 2 - Alpha
  • 3 - Beta
  • 4 - RC
  • 5 - Gold
Current BuildIdentifies the current build revision for use in troubleshooting situations.
License Server IDEach client host is shipped with the Local Licensing Server (LLS) installed to manage host licenses. This field indicates whether the LLS is installed for this instance of Security Analytics.
  • When the LLS is installed, the Licensing Server ID is displayed.
  • Unknown indicates that the LLS is not installed.
License StatusIndicates whether or not the license is enabled. If the license is:
  • Enabled, Enabled is displayed in this field and there is a Disable button to the right so you can disable it.
  • Disabled, Disabled is displayed in this field and there is an Enable button to the right so you can enable it.
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