Reporting: Updates Repository Tab

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This topic introduces the user interface into the RSA Security Analytics YUM updates repository.


The Updates Repository tab is the user interface into the Security Analytics YUM updates repository. In this tab, you can view RPMs available for updating hosts, delete RPMs, and synchronize the repository with the RSA updates server. Populate Updates Repository provides procedures.

The required permission to access this view is Apply System Updates

To access this view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > System.
  2. In the options panel, select Updates.
    The System Updates panel is displayed with the Updates Repository tab open.



The Updates Repository tab presents a view of RPMs available in the Security Analytics YUM updates repository. RPMs are listed in a grid with selectable rows, two toolbar options, and a search field. Standard pagination controls are available to facilitate scanning of items in the grid.

This table describes the toolbar options and the grid columns.

ic-delete.pngDeletes selected RPMs.
ic-sync.pngSynchronizes the repository with the RSA updates server.
Search fieldProvides a field for searching the RPM grid.
File NameThe RPM file name.
Package NameThe package that the RPM updates.
VersionThe package version.
SummaryA description of the package.