MapR: Configure RSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR)

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This topic provides instructions for configuring the nodes for the RSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR). It only applies to RSA Analytics Warehouse instances running MapR.


Make sure that you have:

  • Installed the RSA Analytics Warehouse (Warehouse) appliance in your network environment. For more information, see theRSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR) Setup Guide.
  • Configured the network interface of the Warehouse appliance.


Perform the following procedures in the order shown to set up Warehouse. If you are planning to have a cluster of Warehouse appliances, make sure that you perform the following tasks on all the appliances in the cluster.

Caution: Prerequisites are mandatory. Your installation will fail if you have not set the network configuration as described in the RSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR) Setup Guide or Virtual Appliance Setup Guide depending on your deployment. 

  1. Generate and Update the Default UUID in the Appliances.
Refer to Step 1: Generate and Update the Default UUID in Appliances
  1. Update the configuration template file in the Warehouse Appliance.
Refer to Step 2: Update the Configuration Template File.
  1. Upgrade the RSA Analytics Warehouse cluster.
Refer to Step 3: Upgrade the Warehouse Cluster.
  1. Install the Warehouse license file.
Refer to Step 4: Install the Warehouse License File.
  1. Generate the Virtual IP address.
Refer to Step 5: Generate the Virtual IP Address for Primary Appliance.
  1. Configure Warehouse Connector to write to Warehouse.
Refer to Step 6: Configure the Connector to Write to Warehouse.
  1. Configure other Security Analytics Services for the Warehouse. 
Refer to Step 7: Configure other Security Analytics Services.

Post Configuration Steps

The following table lists the optional tasks that you can perform after configuring the Warehouse:

  1. Access MapR Control System user interface for Warehouse cluster administration.
Refer to Access MapR Control System UI for Cluster Administration.
  1. Enable MapR Metrics on the Warehouse Cluster.
Refer to Enable MapR Metrics on RSA Analytics Warehouse Cluster.
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