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In the Context Menu Actions panel, you can view context actions that appear as options in a context menu. This feature is available to allow administrators to add custom context actions to the Security Analytics instance. An expert knowledge of Security Analytics objects and CSS classes is required.

In the initial view of this panel, the default context actions in Security Analytics are displayed. You cannot edit or delete any of the default context actions.

View Context Menu Actions in Security Analytics

To view existing context actions in Security Analytics both default and custom:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > System.
  2. In the options panel, select Context Menu Actions.

Add a Context Menu Action

To add a context menu action in Security Analytics:

  1. In the toolbar, click add.png.
    The Context Menu Configuration is displayed.
  2. Type the code to define the context action.
    The definition includes the following:
    1. The menu item as it appears in the context menu.
    2. The unique ID for the context action.
    3. The type of context action. All Security Analytics context action types begin with this string:  UAP. common.contextmenu.actions.
    4. The names of the modules in which the context action is available.
    5. The menu within Security Analytics, for example, URLContextAction or LivePostContextAction.
    6. The CSS classes to which the context action applies.
  3. Click OK.
    The new context action is created and added to the grid.

Edit a Context Action

To edit a context action:

  1. Select the row in the grid and either double-click the row or click edit.png.
    The Context Menu Configuration Dialog is displayed.
  2. Edit the Configuration.
  3. To save the changes, click OK.

Delete a Context Action

Caution: When you delete a context action, there is no warning dialog. The action is simply deleted. The option is removed from the associated context menu.

To remove a context action from Security Analytics entirely:

  1. Select the action.
  2. Click delete.png.
    The option is removed from the context menus in which it appeared.
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