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The tabs for Workbench in the Service Config view provide a way to manage basic service configuration, configure aggregate device, storage, and so on.

Perform the following steps to access the Services Config view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.
  2. Select an Workbench service.
  3. In the Actions column, select View > Config.
    The Service Config view is displayed.



Listed below are the three tabs in the Workbench Config view:

  • General
  • Collections
  • Appliance Service Configuration

The Workbench service is similar to other Security Analytics services, and has several tabs in common. The topics in this guide describe configuration tabs that are specific to the Workbench service. 

View Workbench Collection Statistics

The same statistics available for other services are provided for the Workbench service. The Services Stats view (see in the Hosts and Services Getting Started Guide) displays key statistics and system information that pertain to your selected workbench service. The information is displayed in several different sections within the Stats view: Workbench, Gauges, Timeline Charts and Chart Stats Tray. The Chart Stats Tray lists all available statistics for the workbench.  Any statistic in the Chart Stats Tray can be displayed in a gouge or a timeline chart.


The Services Config View - General Tab for the Workbench service provides a way to manage basic service configuration


The Services Config View - Collections Tab allows you to process files from a workbench collection.

Appliance Service Configuration

The Appliance Service Configuration tab is the same for all Security Analytics services. It provides configuration information about appliances that are connected to your workbench service. For information on the Appliance Service Configuration tab, see Services Config View - Appliance Configuration Tab.

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