000033555 - UnsupportedAttributeException error when running a collector in RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance 6.9.1

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Article Number000033555
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.1
Getting the error com.aveksa.common.UnsupportedAttributeException while running any type of collector. The following can by found under Admin > Monitoring.  Select the failed run under the Data Runs tab, then select the link next to Failed Run.

Screenshot of the error found for the run under Admin -> Monitoring.
CauseThe user interface is sometimes not catching that the wrong column name is used from a SQL SELECT in a collector definition. This issue can happen with all types of collectors. The example shown is from an account collector.
Notice the error message does give hints to a fix. The wrong account name column is being returned from the query versus what is used in the collector definition.ERROR: Could not get user to account mappings data: .

Caused by com.aveksa.common.UnsupportedAttributeException: 
The Account ID column "accountname" is not supported by user to account mappings query
"select accountname AS ACCNAME, userid, accusermapid from t_sample_perforce_accounts".
Caused by com.aveksa.common.UnsupportedAttributeException:
Unsupported attribute: "accountname".
TO FIX: Please use from the valid supported attributes:
[userid,accusermapid,ACCNAME]] Message[Data collection failed on the agent]

This issue has a permanent fix in the user interface for RSA Via Lifecycle & Governance 7.0.0.
There is a problem in the SQL SELECT as shown below:
This SQL SELECT does not return the columns needed in the fields below it.

Make sure the columns you are returning in your SQL SELECT match what is needed in the fields below it.
The "AS ACCTNAME" was removed.