000032673 - Obfuscation script for RSA Archer 5.x

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Article Number000032673
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.x
IssueMany clients need to be able to provide a database backup either to RSA Archer or to be able to move a database backup between environments. 
Due to security policies that may be in place, data that exists in one environment cannot exist in another.
Use the attached Obfuscation script to scramble record content. This will make it unreadable.
ResolutionUse one of the attached Obfuscation scripts to scramble data and make data unreadable.
  1. Take a SQL Backup of Archer Instance database prior to using Obfuscation script.
  2. Temporarily restore the SQL database to new location.  
  3. For the temporarily restored database, set the Recovery Model to Simple so the transaction logs won't fill up.
  4. Run the Obfuscation script will run against the temporarily restored database.
  5. Perform a SQL Backup of the obfuscated database to send to Support or move to another Archer environment.
  6. DO NOT run script against a live Production environment as the data will be unreadable and a SQL Restore will be needed.
NotesPlease consider that there are two obfuscation scripts attached. The one that shall be utilized depends on what version of Archer you are running.
  1. If you are using a version prior to 5.5 SP2 (5.X - 5.5 SP1.X) then you will use:  Pre 5.5 SP2 Obfuscator
  2. If you are using a version 5.5 SP2 and newer then you will use:  5.5 SP2 AND newer Obfuscation script