000033667 - When deleting a Group in RSA Archer, a warning occurs: The group contains a dependency to content.

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Article Number000033667
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.x, 6.x
IssueUnable to delete a Group. The following warning or error occurs:
The group contains a dependency to content.
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CauseThe Group is assigned to a Record Permissions or Users/Groups List field in a Content Record.  
  1. Run the following SQL command against the Instance database to find the Content Records.
  2. Update the WHERE clause in the SQL command below with the Group Names linked to Content Records.
    SELECT mt.module_name AS ModuleName, c.content_id AS ContentId, ft.field_name AS FieldName, g.group_name AS GroupName 
    FROM tblIVGroupContent gc WITH(NOLOCK)
    JOIN tblGroup g WITH(NOLOCK) ON gc.group_id=g.group_id
    JOIN tblIVFieldDef fd WITH(NOLOCK) ON gc.field_id=fd.field_id
    JOIN tblIVContent c WITH(NOLOCK) ON gc.content_id=c.content_id
    JOIN tblModule m WITH(NOLOCK) ON c.module_id=m.module_id
    JOIN tblModuleTranslation MT WITH(NOLOCK) ON MT.module_id = m.module_id
    JOIN tblFieldTranslation ft WITH(NOLOCK) ON fd.field_id = ft.field_id
    WHERE g.group_name IN ('Group A', 'Group B', 'Group C')
    ORDER BY ModuleName, ContentId

  3. The SQL command will return the Module Name, Content Id, Field Name, and Group Name for a list of Content Records.
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  1. For each Content Record, remove the Group from the field.
  2. Once the Group in no longer linked to Content Records, the Group can be deleted. 
  3. If the field is a Record Permissions field using the Inherited Permissions Model, check the Record Permissions field(s) it inherits from to find the proper field to remove the Group from.
NotesEnhancement request logged as ARCHER-22075: Add ability to identify Content Records where a Group has been assigned.
Contact Archer Support to open a case and add your company to the enhancement request.