000033760 - Data Feed Validation Error: Unable to cast object in RSA Archer

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Article Number000033760
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.x through 6.2 P3
IssueIn certain scenarios where a Data Feed is configure as follows: 
  • A custom Transform (XSLT) is used,
  • The Load Fields button is used to load fields in the Source Definition tab of the Data Feed Manager, and
  • One or more fields are then manually added to the field list,
The resulting Data Feed schema will be invalid and the Data Feed will error out on execution.

CauseTo view and edit the Data Feed schema, you can export the Data Feed configuration to a DFX file, and open the file in the application Notepad++.  

The source fields should be contained within the xs:choice tag as in the simplified example below  Each field is defined with an xs:element name= listing.
<xs:choice maxOccurs="unbounded">

<xs:element name="Case_Name" type="xs:string" nillable="true" c:Name="Case_Name" />

<xs:element name="UW_Acceptance_Status" nillable="true" c:Name="UW_Acceptance_Status">


In this error situation, the manually added fields are placed after the closing xs:choice tag, as below:

<xs:element name="NewSourceName" type="xs:string" nillable="true" c:Name="New_Customer_GRP_Creation" c:Calculation="=STATIC("No")" dfm:SimpleFieldType="StaticText" />

<xs:element name="NewSourceName1" type="xs:string" nillable="true" c:Name="FeedId" c:Calculation="=STATIC("01")" dfm:SimpleFieldType="StaticText" />
ResolutionThis has been logged as a defect with ID ARCHER-25015 (DFM InvalidCastException with custom transform related to <xs:choice> node).
WorkaroundTo correct the error,
  1. Export the data feed configuration to a DFX file.
  2. Open the file with Notepad++.
  3. Look for the closing tag </xs:choice> and move it after the last xs:element name = field listing.
  4. Delete the existing data feed configuration from the Data Feed Manager.
  5. Import the corrected DFX file.