Add a Trusted Network

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A trusted network is an IP address or range of addresses that can be used to ensure that only users from specific networks are allowed or denied access to applications and the application portal. They can also ensure that users located in specific networks are challenged using a designated assurance level for additional authentication.

You add each trusted network to a list. If you use the Trusted Network attribute in an access policy, during authentication the user’s IP address is compared with all trusted networks in this list to find a match. The access policy specifies how to handle the user’s request (Allow, Deny, or Authenticate), depending if a match is found.

Before you begin 

You must be a Super Admin to perform this task.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Access > Trusted Networks.
  2. Click ADD.
  3. (Optional) In the Name field, enter a name for this location. For example, Company Internal Network or Eastern Region Office.
  4. In the IP Address field, enter an IP address using the IPv4 standard for classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) notation. You can specify a single address, for example, You can specify a range by including number of bits to use as an IP network prefix. For example, specifies the range from to
  5. (Optional) Click ADD to add more trusted networks.
  6. Click Save.
  7. (Optional) To publish this configuration change and immediately activate it on the identity router, click Publish Changes.




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