000033838 - Values run past its allotted space when values list field has display control set to check boxes in RSA Archer

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Article Number000033838
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
IssueMulti-select checkbox field data runs past its allotted space when the width of the browser is reduced from the full width of the screen.
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CauseThe sum of the longest non-breaking strings in each field exceeds the space.

In the example above, there are five values list values. In the list below, the length of the longest non-breaking string is in parentheses, with the longest string underlined.
  • (9) Workforce
  • (8) Consumer
  • (15) Physician/Other Professionals
  • (8) Clinical Research Subjects
  • (4) None
A web browser will break, or place text, on the next line when a space is encountered. The minimum number of spaces the browser requires in the above example is 44. When you minimize the window width such that 44 spaces are not available, the browser will extend the text beyond the allotted space.
To reduce the chance of rendering the window in such a manner (limited width), design the layout to anticipate the issue by reducing the number of columns used by the values.

The example is set to 5. If you were to reduce that to 3, then the first three values would be on one line and the remaining two would be on another. The minimum width required would be the sum of the first three values' largest non-breaking strings (32 in the current order of values.) Placing the value Physician/Other Professionals in the fourth spot would make the minimum width 25 (see figure below). Placing spaces between words instead of characters would also reduce the string length.
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