000033850 - RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Multiple PostgreSQL Vulnerabilities - False Positive

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Aug 26, 2016
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Article Number000033850
Applies ToRSA Product Set:  SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type:  Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x
CVE IDCVE-2016-5423, CVE-2016-5424
Article SummaryCVE-2016-5423: 
Certain nested CASE expressions can cause the server to crash.
It was discovered that certain SQL statements containing CASE/WHEN commands could crash the PostgreSQL server, or disclose a few bytes of server memory, potentially leading to arbitrary code execution.
Database and role names with embedded special characters can allow code injection during administrative operations like pg_dumpall.
It was found that PostgreSQL client programs mishandle database and role names containing newlines, carriage returns, double quotes, or backslashes. By crafting such an object name, roles with the CREATEDB or CREATEROLE option could escalate their privileges to superuser when a superuser next executes maintenance with a vulnerable program. Vulnerable programs include pg_dumpall, pg_upgrade, vacuumdb, reindexdb, and clusterdb.
Link to AdvisoriesCVE-2016-5423: 
Alert ImpactNot Exploitable
Technical DetailsThe flaw exists but it is not exploitable
Technical Details ExplanationCVE-2016-5423:
The flaw exists but cannot be exploited.
The AM server wraps access to the database and does not provide the direct access to the database which would be required to exploit this issue.
The flaw exists but cannot be exploited.
The AM server controls access to the database accounts and tools. There are no non-privileged accounts in the database with the required roles that are directly accessible to anyone except the AM server.



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