000033807 - Create a Quick Reference link to a network share in RSA Archer

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Article Number000033807
Applies ToSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Archer (All)
Platform: IIS 7, 7.5
               Internet Explorer 11
IssueInstructions to create a quick reference link to a network share.
ResolutionThis document describes steps that allow for quick reference links in a workspace to link to a network share. It is divided into 3 sections, as the actions required occur in three different applications. The Internet Explorer is the only browser that will work with this type of link.

Add a MIME Type in your web server(s)

By default, IIS is not set up to handle .LNK files, which is Microsoft’s extension to link (or shortcut) files. The Archer Quick Reference Link will point to a shortcut file.
Perform the following on each Archer web server (this is a one-time action):
  1. Open IIS Manager and navigate to the Default Web Site in the left pane
  2. In the [Features View], double-click [MIME Types]
  3. In the Actions pane (the right pane), click Add
Fill in the dialog box as below and click [OK]:
User-added image

Create a shortcut to a network share

User-added image
  1. Using the Windows Explorer, navigate to the share to be link in Archer.
  2. Right-click (hold) and drag the share to your desktop.
  3. Select “Create Shortcut here” on the menu that appears
  4. If necessary, rename the shortcut to a meaningful name.
  5. Move the shortcut to the {Archer Web Site}\company_files\?50000?\graphics folder (this may be a share in a multi-host environment.)

Add the Quick Reference to the Workspace

  1. Navigate to the Administration Workspace, then “Manage Workspaces” under “Workspaces and Dashboards”
  2. Select the Workspace that will contain the Quick Reference
  3. Select the {Quick Reference} tab
  4. Select the “Add New Link” and fill in the fields as shown below (NOTE: the link’s file name in the “Link To” and the “Display Name” will reflect your setup.)
  5. Click [Save] in the upper left corner of the window
User-added image


The user will be presented with a window asking what to do with the file when the link is clicked in the Archer UI:
User-added image
Instruct your users to choose “Open” when presented with this window.