000034035 - RSA Identity Management and Governance Change request item stays in Pending Verification even after successful collection until all items are also in pending verification

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Article Number000034035
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
RSA Version/Condition: 6.5 or later
IssueA Change request was submitted and more than one change item will be process by Default AFX fulfillment workflow in the same JOB.
At least one of the item that was supposed to be auto provisioned by AFX failed and "Default AFX Manual Fulfillment Subprocess" created a manual activity that is not marked as completed or processed by the assignee.
This is the Change request and its items before collection:
User-added image
This is the Change request AFTER collection
User-added image
Note the workflow below shows that 2 items is being processed by the same job using Default AFX Workflow.
User-added image
But one of them AFX failed to complete request and "Default AFX Manual Fulfillment Subprocess" was executed creating the manual activity.
User-added image
ResolutionWorking as designed. Items in a change request will not be considered for closure until all the items in the change request are in a pending verification state. The first collection after that will then close all items in that change request that have been collected.
The following show the items now in pending verification.
User-added image
And finally completed after first collection with all pending verification
User-added image
This scenario may be avoided changing the the processing properties of the "Default AFX fulfillment" workflow from "Create one job to process all changes" to "Create an individual job for each change". (Go to Request -> Workflow -> Fulfillment tab -> Click on "Default AFX fulfillment" workflow -> Edit Properties -> Process:)