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Document created by Robert Dredger Employee on Sep 23, 2016
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Hey NetWitness Users,


   I recently received a pretty comprehensive listing of the various service names and locations of the NetWitness services!  I wanted to ensure I got this info out to the community as I know how handy it can be during administration.  Of course I must give credit where credit is due and none of this would have been possible without the all-knowning NetWitness Oracle himself, Jacob Dorval !  Thanks Jake!


  • Analytics Server (SA Web Server)
    • start/stop/status jettysrv


  • Appliance
    • start/stop/status nwappliance
  • Archiver
    • start/stop/status nwarchiver
  • Broker
    • start/stop/status nwbroker
  • Concentrator
    • start/stop/status nwconcentrator
  • Decoder
    • start/stop/status nwdecoder

  • ESA
    • /etc/init.d/rsa-esa start/stop/status OR service rsa-esa start/stop/status
  • IPDB Extractor
    • start/stop/status nwipdbextractor
  • Incident Manager
    • service rsa-im restart
  • Licensing server
    •  /etc/init.d/fneserver start/stop/status OR service fneserver start/stop/status
  • Light httpd Update server
    •  start/stop/status lighttpd
  • Log Decoder
    • start/stop/status nwlogdecoder
  • Log Collector/VLC
    • start/stop/status nwlogcollector
  • Malware Analysis
    • start/stop/status rsaMalwareDevice

  •  MapR Hadoop
    • /etc/init.d/mapr-warden start/stop/status OR service mapr-warden start/stop/status
  • MapR Zookeeper
    • /etc/init.d/mapr-zookeper start/stop/status OR service mapr-zookeeper start/stop/status
  • RabbitMQ
    • start/stop/status rabbitmq
  • Reporting engine
    • start/stop/status rsasoc_re
  • RSACas
    • start/stop/status cas
  • RSA Carlos
    • start/stop/status pycarlos
    •  /etc/init.d/rsa-saw start/stop/status OR service rsa-saw start/stop/status
    •  /etc/init.d/rsa-sms start/stop/status OR service rsa-sms start/stop/status
  • Warehouse Connector
    • start/stop/status nwwarehouseconnector


Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know if I've missed any or if there are any questions!




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