000034094 - URL redirect failing with RSA Authentication Manager 8.X administrative consoles

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Article Number000034094
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x
IssueRSA Authentication Manager allows users to enter a redirect URL to access the Security Console, Operations Console and Self-Service Console.  For example,
When using redirect URLs such as the ones above to access the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x servers, the redirection goes to https://abc-abc-rsa01.acme.local:7004/console-ims, https://abc-abc-rsa01.acme.local:7072/operations-console and https://abc-abc-rsa01.acme.local:7004/console-selfservice.  Note that abc-rsa01.acme.local changes to abc-abc-rsa01.acme.local.
CauseThe redirect entries in the /opt/rsa/am/utils/etc/redirector.properties file are incorrect 

ResolutionTo correct this issue,
  1. Launch an SSH client, such as PuTTY.
  2. Login to the primary Authentication Manager server as rsaadmin and enter the operating system password.

Note that during Quick Setup another user name may have been selected. Use that user name to login

  1. Navigate to /opt/rsa/am/utils/etc.
  2. Open the redirector.properties file in a text editor.
  3. Edit the redirector.properties file.
  4. Look for entries such as:


  1. Change the text as follows:


  1. Save and close the file:


  1. Once the changes are made, the browser should be directed to the correct URLs.