000034118 - How to enable DBMS_OUTPUT in Oracle SQL Developer for use with RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

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Article Number000034118
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 
RSA Version/Condition: All
Platform (DB): Oracle
IssueThis RSA Knowledge Base Article explains how to enable DBMS_OUTPUT in Oracle SQL Developer. 

For example, you have the following PL/SQL script that writes to DBMS_OUTPUT.

report CLOB;

report :=  SRSection_System.Database('Database Summary');
report :=   SRSection_System.Product('Product Version');

But when you run the script, the DBMS_OUTPUT is not displayed. The following script is executed as AVUSER.
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This RSA Knowledge Base Article explains how to enable DBMS_OUTPUT to get the query results to display.
ResolutionFollow these steps to enable DBMS_OUTPUT in Oracle SQL Developer:
  1. Click on View on the top menu bar and then select Dbms Output from the menu.

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  1. The Dbms Output buffer appears but is grayed out (disabled).

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  1. Click on the green + button under the Dbms Output tab to bring up a Select Connection dialog box.  
  2. Click on the Connection drop-down menu to select a database connection.
  3. Click OK when done.

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  1. The Dbms Output tab is now enabled.

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  1. Run the script in the example again. Note the output now displays in the Dbms Output buffer.

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