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RSA Authentication Manager Documentation for Administrators

Planning GuideDescribes the high-level architecture of Authentication Manager and how it integrates with your network.

Dell Hardware Appliance Getting Started

Intel Hardware Appliance Getting Started

Deploying a hardware appliance and performing the Authentication Manager Quick Setup process.
Virtual Appliance Getting StartedDeploying a virtual appliance and performing the Authentication Manager Quick Setup process.
Setup and Configuration Guide
Setting up and configuring Authentication Manager, and upgrading from version 8.2 to version 8.2 Service Pack 1.
Security Configuration GuideSecure deployment and usage settings, secure maintenance, and physical security controls.
Administrator's GuideAn overview of Authentication Manager and its features, and how to configure the system and perform a wide range of administration tasks.
RSA RADIUS Reference GuideUsage and settings for the initialization files, dictionary files, and configuration files used by RSA RADIUS.
Performance and Scalability GuideTuning your deployment for optimal performance.

Performing daily administration tasks in the Security Console and configuration and setup tasks in the Operations Console. Includes instructions for the most common tasks for Help Desk Administrators.

SNMP ReferenceConfiguring Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor Authentication Manager on a hardware appliance or a virtual appliance.
TroubleshootingCommon error messages in Authentication Manager and appropriate actions for troubleshooting.
Using software that works with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for deployments that have an Active Directory identity source.
Release Notes (RSA Authentication Manager and Cloud Authentication Service)Describes the latest product improvements and fixed issues.
Known IssuesDescribes known issues and workarounds.

Cloud Authentication Service Documentation for Administrators

Planning GuideEssential concepts to help you complete the planning process with the RSA SecurID Access Solution Architecture Workbook.
Solution Architecture WorkbookAn interactive spreadsheet for planning your company's solution architecture.
Setup and Configuration GuideAll of the concepts and tasks necessary to set up a deployment, including adding an Identity Router®, connecting your enterprise resources, and rolling out the RSA SecurID Authenticate to users.
Cloud Administration Console HelpAll system concepts and administrative tasks to install and maintain your deployment. Accessible from the Cloud Administration Console.

Integrating RSA Authentication Manager with the Cloud Authentication Service

Configuring the Cloud Authentication Service and RSA Authentication Manager to work together so that users can authenticate using RSA SecurID tokens to access SaaS and on-premise web applications, and either RSA SecurID tokens or RSA SecurID Authenticate Tokencodes from all access points controlled by Authentication Manager including agents, RSA Ready Partner implementations, and RADIUS clients.
Integration Guide for Access ManagerIntegrating the Cloud Authentication Service into your RSA® Access Manager deployment.
Security Configuration GuideBest practices for configuring a secure on-premise identity router.
SSO Agent Performance and Scalability GuideDescribes the factors that affect the performance of your deployment and provides suggestions for ensuring efficient and reliable authentication service.
Release Notes (RSA Authentication Manager and Cloud Authentication Service)Describes the latest product improvements and fixed issues.
Known IssuesDescribes known issues and workarounds.

RSA SecurID Access Documentation for Developers

RSA SecurID Authentication API Developer's GuideDeveloping agents that extend your authentication methods to the Cloud Authentication Service and obtain the benefits of a REST-based programming interface. Also for SSO partners who want to delegate authentication to the Cloud Authentication Service.
Developer’s Guide
Developing custom programs using the Authentication Manager application programming interfaces (APIs). Includes an overview of the Authentication Manager APIs and the related Javadoc. The software development kit (SDK) is in the Authentication Manager SDK directory of the RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 Extras ZIP file on Download Central at
agent documentationInstalling and configuring RSA Authentication Manager agent software, and information about developing custom agents. See
Bulk Administration 1.6.0 Custom Application Guide (AMBA)Describes how the RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) command-line utility simplifies the bulk administration of users, tokens, agents, and so on. Requires a standalone AMBA license or an Enterprise license.

Custom Web Portal Developer's Guide

Developing a custom portal for users to access protected applications through the Cloud Authentication Service.
SAML Enablement Guide for Application DevelopersEnabling Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for web-based applications that do not yet support SAML, and to integrate those applications with the Cloud Authentication Service.
Identity Router CLI Reference GuideUsing the command line interface to manage user profile data (keychains) on the identity router. For administrators and developers.

RSA SecurID Access Documentation for Users

User Audience/Authentication MethodsAvailable Documentation
RSA Authentication Manager SecurID tokensHelp is provided for the Self-Service Console. On the Help tab in the console, click Self-Service Console Help. Help is also provided in the apps.
Methods supported by the Cloud Authentication Service

For an overview of RSA SecurID Access and instructions for using the standard application portal and authentication methods, see the RSA SecurID Access Help, available in the application portal and the Authenticate app.

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