000034141 - Active line highlighting Case Management in CSG RSA Adaptive Authentication (OnPrem)

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Article Number000034141
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Adaptive Authentication (OnPrem)
RSA Product/Service Type: Adaptive Authentication (OnPrem)
Platform: Windows
Platform (Other): Adaptive Authentication V 6.0 SP 3 P 4 HF 190
IssueWe have a bug reported on both V6 (and confirmed to exist on V7 for lookup user) where a user using case management/lookup user or case management/research activities clicks on display details and the top row remains the highlighted one rather than the row that was clicked on. Is there a fix for this issue? When using research activities the active row is the one highlighted in V7. Regards, 
In the ViewCase.jsp and ProcessQueue.jsp make the below changes.
NOTE: Take the backup of the two jsp files before making the changes.
Step 1:
Find the below code:

         String userOrgId = "";
          userOrgId = caseStrategy.getOrgId();
          if(userOrgId == null)
         } else {
             userOrgId = ((CaseEvent)listOfValues2).getEventId() + "::" + ((CaseEvent)listOfValues2).getUserId() + "::" + ((CaseEvent)listOfValues2).getOrgId();
Replace it with the below:
<% session.setAttribute("userOrgID", ((CaseEvent)listOfValues2).getEventId() + "::" + URLEncoder.encode(((CaseEvent)listOfValues2).getUserId()) + "::" + ((CaseEvent)listOfValues2).getOrgId()); %>
          String userOrgId = "";
          if (pageContext.getAttribute("userOrgID", PageContext.SESSION_SCOPE) != null)
           userOrgId = (pageContext.getAttribute("userOrgID",PageContext.SESSION_SCOPE)).toString();

Step 2:
Delete the temp folder and Restart the server.