000034095 - How to handle SOAP error message -"Error - Unable to save profile" in RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)

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Article Number000034095
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
RSA Product/Service Type: Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
RSA Version/Condition: 11
Issue After a series of SOAP calls from the Client side, a final call request type such as
UPDATEUSER with <challengeQuestionActionType>SET_USER_QUESTION
The Response from RSA system is 
"Error - Unable to save profile. Redirecting user to error page." (System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: 
RSA Adaptive Authentication - the Risk-based Module could not save the authentication information.
The provided Transaction ID (trx_id) and User ID (user_id) do not match.
RSA Adaptive Authentication - the Risk-based Module will not be able to use that information to authenticate
the user in the future, and might not be able to authenticate the user at all. Please verify that the application
provides a Transaction ID that was indeed generated for the provided User ID. For more information,
please refer to the RSA Adaptive Authentication - the Risk-based Module API Guide. "
TasksLook at the message specifics and see if you can see a mismatch between Transaction ID and UserID, look for different UserIDs. If you need assistance, you can submit a Jira. 
ResolutionAfter identifying the error, it should be explained to the customer, and it is up to their implementation team to troubleshoot. 
Any further work on this issue, should go to Professional Services, as  Customer Support should not go to far in the investigation of SOAP API issues, as this is client-side implementation. 
NotesNote if there are other errors besides what is seen in this article coming back to a client call, this call might need RSA teams to interpret, like Operations, or Engineering.