NetWitness Endpoint (ECAT) Schema Diagrams

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I came across this article ( that shows how to easily create UML diagrams of database objects. In a nutshell here is how it works…


In the SQL Management Studio go to Tools -> Options -> Query Results -> SQL Server -> Results to Text and change the “Maximum number of characters displayed in each column” value to 8192. Then open a new query and click the “Results to Text” button.



Next, run this query with the object you want to diagram. In the example below I used moduleioc:



SELECT @Object_ID=object_id('moduleioc')

SELECT coalesce(object_schema_name(referencing_ID)+'.','')

     + object_name(referencing_ID) +' --|> '

       + referenced_schema_name+'.'+Referenced_Entity_name

       + ':References'

           --AS reference

FROM sys.sql_expression_dependencies

    WHERE (referencing_id =@object_ID

       OR referenced_ID = @object_ID)

      AND is_schema_bound_reference =0

       and referenced_ID is not null


SELECT coalesce(object_schema_name(parent_object_ID)+'.','')

    + object_name(parent_object_ID) + ' --|> '

       + coalesce(object_schema_name(referenced_object_ID)+'.','')

       + object_name(referenced_object_ID)+':FK'

FROM sys.foreign_keys

    WHERE parent_object_ID = @object_ID

      OR referenced_object_ID = @object_ID


You should the see something similar to this:



Copy all eight lines and paste them into the top box on this site between the @startuml and the @enduml. Before running remove all of the NULLs:


The resultant diagram looks like this:


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