000034373 - User unable to reset password on RSA Security Analytics User Interface

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Article Number000034373
Applies ToRSA Product Set: NetWitness Logs and Packets, Security Analytics
RSA Product/Service Type: User Interface
RSA Version/Condition: 10.6.1
Platform: CentOS
O/S Version: EL6
IssueOn the user interface, if the user account's password expires then the user is unable to change their password and the user account becomes locked. 
User-added image
The issue arose in version 10.6.1, previously (in versions and below) the user would be prompted to enter their new password as per the below screenshot: 
User-added image
ResolutionThe issue has been permanently fixed in RSA Security Analytics version 10.6.2. 
WorkaroundTo fix the issue, follow the below steps: 

A. SSH to the SA Server and run the below commands: 

cd /var/lib/netwitness/uax/db
stop jettysrv
cp platform.h2.db platform.h2.db.backup.rsa
java -cp h2-1.2.147.jar org.h2.tools.Shell -url jdbc:h2:file:platform

B. In the SQL Prompt: 

select name, EXPIRED, LOCKED, EXPIRYDATE from users;
select name, EXPIRED, LOCKED, EXPIRYDATE from users;

C. Back to the SSH of the SA Server: 

start jettysrv

This workaround will reset all  the users configurations. In other words it will change the configuration for any user that has been set to expired or locked to false, allowing users to access the User Interface once again.