000033296 - Data Feed User Name and Password encryption values have random text in RSA Archer 5.5.4

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Article Number000033296
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.5.4
Platform: Windows
O/S Version: Server 2012 R2
IssueWhen changing servers and connecting them to the original database User Names get changed to something that looks like "E2TYczRpGrWaq/GSt6VWsm84LU3Ki90DImDn5Y2w+KY="

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This issue is by design as the encryption key is stored in the configuration database. If this encryption key is different between the time the user name and password are encrypted and decrypted then the values will not be decrypted properly. There are a number of ways this encryption key will be different. Changing from one environment to another, restoring configuration database, creating a new configuration database, wiping out the key in the configuration database, restoring the instance database back to a time when the encryption key was different.

Make sure the encryption key saved in the config DB matches the on the target environment so the username gets decrypted correctly. Within the Archer Instance Database it contains certain elements which are encrypted (e.g., passwords for LDAP and Data Feeds). The key for these is stored in the config database. If you take a database from one environment and move it to another, you need to make sure that you have the same encryption key or the encryption values will not be decypherable.
You can use the steps below to get and update those values. Please make sure you take a backup before running an query.

  1. Pull your encryption key from the original environment's Configuration database using the following SQL query.
SELECT * FROM dbo.tblProperty WHERE property_key = 'TextEncrypter'

  1. Update the encryption key in the new environment's Configuration database using the following SQL command.  Perform a SQL Backup in case a restore is needed.
UPDATE tblProperty SET property_value = 'xxxxxx' WHERE property_key = 'TextEncrypter'