000034266 - How to identify the source of a workflow email in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

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Article Number000034266
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance and Lifecycle, Via Lifecycle and Governance, Identity Management and Governance
RSA Version/Condition: All current supported releases

IssueIn complex workflows with multiple different nodes sending emails, it can be difficult to backtrace specific emails to their sources.
TasksA general purpose query for this information looks like the below. This example would be run by avuser.
SELECT wi.name     AS NodeName,
  job.cr_id        AS CR_ID,
  cr.name          AS CR_NAME,
  process.name     AS Process_Name,
  emailLog.subject AS subject
FROM avuser.t_email_log emailLog
JOIN wp_work_item wi
ON emailLog.msg_id_within_msg_type = wi.acti_id
  || ':'
  || wi.acti_db
  || ':'
  || wi.wi_iteration
JOIN wp_proci job
ON job.proci_id  = wi.proci_id
AND job.proci_db = wi.proci_db
JOIN wp_proc process
ON job.proc_ref = process.proc_ref
JOIN t_av_change_requests cr
ON job.cr_id = cr.id
WHERE msg_id_within_msg_type LIKE '%:WPDS:%'