000034390 - Workflow variable does not resolve when used in escalation workflow in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

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Article Number000034390
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance and Lifecycle, Via Lifecycle and Governance, Identity Management and Governance
RSA Product/Service Type: Enterprise Software
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.x, 7.0.x
IssueA workflow variable used in the main workflow does not work in an escalation workflow initiated from it or visa versa. Trying to use a variable referenced in the escalation workflow may not resolve when copied into a approval or fulfillment workflow.
Here's an example of the HTML source from a customized escalation workflow "Email Reminder" where the variable WorkItemURL does resolve. Replacing it with jobUserData_WorkItemURL also will resolve:

<font size="3">Approve or Reject the system access change listed in
the following <i>Security Access Request</i>.<br>Link to Request: <a href="${WorkItemURL}">Security
Access Request ${access_request_name}</a><br>Due Date: ${Node_dueDate}</font>

In the approval or a default "Email Reminder" workflow, it is referenced with a different name jobUserData_WorkItemURL. If you tried to use the name from the escalation workflow WorkItemURL, the variable would not resolve:

<p style="margin-top:0">
   <a href="${jobUserData_WorkItemURL}">View Work</a>

In the above example in versions prior to 7.0.1, neither variable jobUserData_WorkItemURL nor WorkItemURL are available from the workflow editor selection list.
CauseSome workflow variable names have been renamed in the default workflows in newer versions of RSA Identity G&L. When a customer has a customized workflow using those older variables, they still work for backward compatibility but when referenced in another workflow may not. Another issue is that in older versions prior to 7.0.1, not all the variables used in workflows are visible through the workflow editor. Escalation workflows have their own namespace for variables but there has been effort for them to be kept consistent.
ResolutionAvoid copying and pasting variables in the workflow and instead use the variable selection list in the workflow editor, which can be brought up with a right mouse click. Here's an example of selecting the variable from the variable selection list and also showing the variable embedded in the email body.
Using the variable selection list in version 7.0.1
In versions prior to 7.0.1, first try to use the variable selection list and if your variable does not exist on it, carefully copy the variable from an existing workflow. Preferably look in the default workflows for the variable. If the variable you use doesn't resolve, try adding the prefix "jobUserData_" to the variable name.
Tip: Find a workflow from a change request that has been submitted.  Select the background then look under the variables in the "Job Properties" box.  You can access any of these variables by prefixing them with "jobUserData_".  If you wanted to use "ChangeRequestItem.ItemId", you would reference it within a node as "${jobUserData_ChangeRequestItem.ItemId}".
To access variables within a node, prefix it with jobUserData_