000034422 - Contract expired issue even though the liscense is valid in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

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Article Number000034422
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance and Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.1
IssueThe customer keeps receiving the below e-mails on their MAL (MyAccessLive) environment. In Salesforce the licenses and contracts are valid (green).
Email received from MAL environment:
The RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle account for https://customer.myaccesslive.aveksa.com, https://customer-test.myaccesslive.aveksa.com has expired. The expiration date was 01/01/2016. Please contact the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Team if you have any questions.

ResolutionThe above mentioned issue can be resolved by upgrading the RemoteAgent software.
The RemoteAgent, which is simply an on-premise AveksaAgent setup, is responsible for the collections and needs to be upgraded when the MAL is upgraded to ensure the versions match.
The following steps outline a simple step-by-step guide on to quickly upgrade the RemoteAgent software:
  1. Logon with the appropriate access right to the MAL WebUI.
  2. From the main menu, select Collectors -> Agents and click at the RemoteAgent you wish to upgrade.
  3. Click the Download button and download the AveksaAgent.zip archive locally.
  4. Transfer the in the above step 3 downloaded AveksaAgent.zip file to the RemoteAgent host under the RemoteAgent installation directory: /home/aveksaagent/RemoteAgent
  5. Login to the RemoteAgent host as root (or equivalent account with permissions to start / stop service) with an SSH session.
  6. Change directory to the RemoteAgent installation directory.
    cd /home/aveksaagent/RemoteAgent

  7. Stop the RemoteAgent service.
    service aveksa_agent stop

  8. Change user to Fout! Onbekende naam voor documenteigenschap.
    su - Fout! Onbekende naam voor documenteigenschap

  9. Change directory to the RemoteAgents installation directory.
    cd /home/aveksaagent/RemoteAgent

  10. Unpack the in step 4 copied AveksaAgent.zip file.
    unzip AveksaAgent.zip

  11. When asked to overwrite the files, press “A”, enter to continue.
    replace AveksaAgent/README.txt? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: A

  12. Change directory to the RemoteAgent bin directory.
    cd AveksaAgent
    cd bin

    cd /home/aveksaagent/RemotrAgent/AveksaAgent/bin

  13. Change the file permissions so they can be executed for all files at the bin directory.
    chmod 755 *

  14. Exit this user account going back to the initial account (step 5) you used to login to the host.

  15. Start the RemoteAgent service.
    service aveksa agent start

  16. You can logout from the host.

  17. Return to the MAL WebUI, login if needed, and verify if the RemoteAgent is up and running. From the main menu, select Collectors -> Agents and verify the RemoteAgent is marked as running in the Is Running column.
  18. Verify all collectors work as before, able to connect and collect.
  • The RemoteAgent hostname and IP address can also be found at this page next to the Is Running item.
    Make sure this is the RemoteAgent you want to upgrade before continuing.
  • For this guide we used /home/aveksaagent/RemoteAgent as the installation directory for the RemoteAgent.
    Use the MS Word properties features to reflect your setup specific values in this document and remove this line.
  • It’s highly recommended to create a backup of the current RemoteAgent installation before continuing.
    A simple copy of the directory will be sufficient.
    cp -rf AveksaAgent AveksaAgent.backup

  • For this guide we used aveksaagent as the owner of the RemoteAgent component.
    Use the MS Word properties features to reflect your setup specific values in this document and remove this line.