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As part of the ongoing development of content to combat threats, RSA develops content bundles. These are grouped sets of content (rules, parsers, feeds) that can be deployed as a group from RSA Live.

  • Starter packs: these packs deliver a set of content that are useful as an entry point into threat tracking. RSA delivers the following starter packs:

    • Log Starter pack: this bundle helps organizations view and understand user behaviors (for example lateral movement).
    • Packet Starter pack: this bundle helps organizations view malware related traffic
  • Log Parser pack: this bundle contains all parser files and log collection files.
  • Hunting pack: this bundle helps organizations to quickly hunt for indicators of compromise or anomalous network activity. For details, see Hunting Pack.
  • UEBA Hunting pack: this bundle helps organizations perform UEBA hunting, so they can detect suspicious user and entity behavior. For details, see User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Content Pack.
  • Known Threats pack: The Known Threats pack contains a set of content specific to known, identified threats such as malware, crimeware, RAT campaigns, and so on. For details, see Known Threats Pack.
  • Lateral Movement content pack: Lateral movement is a part of the kill chain. After an attack has taken place, which allows entry into a company’s internal environment, lateral movement is the process of elevating credentials and gaining access to additional internal systems. This package of content contains a set of rules that monitor Windows system for lateral movement.

    The Lateral Movement Content Pack:

    • Identifies suspicious Windows login activity to reveal lateral movement attempts

    • Leverages Windows log activity
    • Is delivered as combination of App rules, ESA, and Reports via Live

Deploying a Bundle

You can deploy all of the items in the bundles through Live.

Note: If you are in an environment where you cannot Deploy, you should create a resource package (select > Create) to download a ZIP archive that you can use. Do not use the button, as this does not work for bundles

To deploy a bundle:

  1. Depending on your version:

    • For NetWitness 11.x: Go to CONFIGURE > Live Content.
    • For Security Analytics 10.x: From the Security Analytics menu, select Live > Search.
  2. In the Resource Type field, select Bundle.
  3. Select the bundle you wish to deploy.
  4. Select Deploy, then follow the steps in the wizard.

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