RSA announces the release of Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 18.8

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RSA  Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce is a comprehensive authentication and fraud detection solution for the eCommerce market. The solution is based on the 3DSecure protocol ("Verified By Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode") and is powered by risk-based authentication, an intelligent system that authenticates a user by measuring a series of risk indicators. Transparent authentication provides a user-experience in which a customer is only challenged in high-risk scenarios.


What’s New in Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 18.8


New RSA Risk Engine Model

RSA Adaptive Authentication leverages a new Risk Engine model  that includes the following:

  • New features related to the new device identifier, such as if the specific PAN and Device ID combination is new or used previously, or was challenged and authenticated.
  • New features related to the device properties collected by RSA, such as Device OS and browser versions, flash version, device model etc.
  • Enhanced predictors related to users currency and geolocation.
  • Enhancements related to customer baselines, such as the difference between the current purchase amount and the average amount spent by the user in overall or for the specific merchant, and the difference between the number of devices seen on the specific PAN for the last week compared to the last month.
  • SWAGA - Bayesian Group Weight Optimization. A new capability of the risk engine that optimizes existing patterns weights in order to maximize the fraud detection rate and minimize intervention and false positive rates.
  • Additional fraud patterns in the eFraudNetwork, such as the ISP and IP connection type, and the merchant name and IP country.


New Analytics Application Reports  

Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce introduces additional reports and enhancements to existing reports in the Analytics application.  The reports contain clear, easily understood graphical data with drilldown capability for deeper granularity.


New Workbook Categorization

The Analytics application workbooks are now categorized according to data domain, such as Fraud, Cases, Rules and Merchants. Business monitoring reports are in the Daily Stats and Monthly Stats workbooks.
This release includes the following new reports:


Fraud Stats Workbook 

  • Losses by Action Report. This report presents the distribution of chargeback feedback by the Policy Management rule action.


Case Stats Workbook

  • Cases by Action Report. This report provides a view of the cases by the Policy Management rule action that leads to a case creation and its final classification as genuine or fraud.
  • Cases by Status Report. This report provides a view of the cases by the case marked status to highlight case marking trends and display confirmed and suspected fraud.


Rule Stats Workbook

  • Rule Performance Report. This report provides visualization of the Policy Management rule performance such as saved fraud and loss, and transaction status.


Discontinuation of Legacy Web Reports

With the upcoming release of Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce planned for the end of Q1, RSA announces the discontinuation of the Legacy Web Reports.


ECI Values Alignment

With the upcoming release of Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce planned for the end of Q1, ECI Values will be aligned with the standard protocol values for VISA, MasterCard and American Express:

  • An authenticated transaction will have a status of Y and ECI value of 05 (Visa and AMEX) and 02 (Mastercard).
  • A non-authenticated transaction will have a status of N and no ECI value.

New Documentation

The complete Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce documentation set has been updated and revised for enhanced clarity and usability. See the Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 18.8 Release Notes to learn how the previous guides are mapped to the new guides.


For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce page on RSA Link.


EOPS Policy:

RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.