000034637 - RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Account Data Collectors treat data as case sensitive regardless of the setting of the "Data is case sensitive" option

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Article Number000034637
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle
IssueChecking the Data is case sensitive checkbox in collector definitions has no effect on Account Collectors.  

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Resources > Directory > Create Directory.
  2. Click on created Directory (New Directory) > Collector > Account Data Collector.
  3. Create an Account collector to collect accounts and uncheck the checkbox for Data is case sensitive.
  4. Collect the data and make sure some accounts are collected .
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  1. Go to the data source and edit any account name to change its case. In this example "Account1" was changed to "account1."
  2. Run the Account Collector to re-collect the modified data.

Expected Result

Account1 and account1 should be interpreted by the ADC as the same account since we did not have the Data is case sensitive option enabled. The name Account1 should be updated with the new name of account1.

Actual Result

The ADC behaves as if case sensitivity were enabled. This means the ADC interprets account1 as a new account and Account1 is missing. As a result, new account account1 is created and Account1 is deleted.
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CauseThis is a bug fixed in 6.8.1 P23, 6.9.1 P12, 7.0.0 P02, 7.0.1
ResolutionDeploy the respective patches based on your version to have the issue resolved.
WorkaroundIf your data is not case sensitive, make sure it is in the same case before being collected.  As an example, if the above account data is collected from a csv file, the following query will ensure that any form of the account name such as Account1, account1, ACCOUNT1, ACCount1, etc. will be interpreted as the same case:

SELECT UPPER(AccountNameColumn) FROM tablename


AccountNameColumn is the name of the collected field that contains the account name. This will make any value of the account name in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle be ACCOUNT1.